Allot CloudTrends H2/2014 – Delivering Cloud Services to Enterprises

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November 10, 2014
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November 26, 2014

Allot CloudTrends H2/2014 – Delivering Cloud Services to Enterprises

After spending hours working hard on the new Allot CloudTrends report, I have come to the following  earth-shattering insight…The Cloud is where our markets meet!

On One Side:
When studying Communication Service Providers (CSPs), we found that they have invested heavily over the last several years acquiring or developing competencies both in IT communications integration and in Cloud Data Center infrastructure in order to extend their service offerings to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs/SMEs) and Enterprises.

The evolution and convergence of these competencies means that CSPs can now offer many cloud-based applications, infrastructure, platforms and services. They are also able to combine those offerings with scalable choices in terms of connectivity, visibility, control, and security.

When enterprises go into the cloud, they expect their most mission-critical applications to perform well. This is not a given. Cloud access is still a shared resource and the importance of managing it has grown. Cloud access management and security concerns present opportunities for CSPs to develop new revenue streams from these advanced value-added services.

On the Other Side:
Businesses are moving to the cloud because cloud computing increases efficiency and flexibility and reduces costs. In the past, organizations would run applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their onsite data center. Nowadays, clouds enable access to business applications through Internet connectivity. The cloud is growing in popularity among businesses of all sizes.

However, CIOs have concerns when hosting data centers or critical applications in the cloud. They are worried about issues such as visibility, control and security of the information as well as application performance.

In the new “Allot CloudTrends H2/2014 Delivering Cloud Services to Enterprises” report, we show how innovative CSPs are turning these concerns into sources of revenue by supplying additional or complementary cloud services that address these issues. For example, our research shows that CSPs are making money from services such as QoS management, tenant self-monitoring and self-management, DDoS protection, and safe browsing for endpoints – just to name a few.

These solutions, which Allot is offering separately to Service Providers and Enterprises, are now connecting in the cloud. The service relationship between CSPs on one hand and Enterprises on the other hand is evolving from voice and traditional IT services to QoS management of business critical applications in the cloud data center.

It is quite clear that our markets are now connecting in the cloud. Either they are CSPs who want cloud access optimization solutions to offer as a service to their customers, or they are Enterprises who need to optimize the Internet and WAN access to their own cloud data centers. Cloud technology is opening up new opportunities in the communications world!


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