Will Your Defense Conquer World Cup Malware?

Will Your Defense Conquer World Cup Malware? Don’t let cybercriminals score. Beat their game-plan.  Cybercriminals typically take advantage of the huge public interest in major international events. The FIFA World Cup 2018 that begins shortly in Russia is no exception and cybercriminals have been busy exploiting the excitement about the world’s biggest sporting event. The…

ISPs Must Take the Wheel when Driving The IoT in Their Networks

From connected vehicles and vending machines to smart meters and wearables. The Internet of (connected) things (IoT) is promising to change our daily life as we know it, making it easier, better and more efficient. The recent massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, however, disrupted some of the most popular Internet services like Twitter and AirBnB. Carried out using an army of IoT botnets, the attack raised alarm bells with service providers. It proved that besides the smart and cool experiences IoT devices can deliver, there is a big security risk that cannot be overlooked.