What to Expect at MWC Americas: IoT Takes the Stage

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September 7, 2017
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September 20, 2017

What to Expect at MWC Americas: IoT Takes the Stage

This year, for the very first time, the wireless technologies trade association CTIA will be combining forces with the GSMA, for their Mobile World Congress Americas 2017. The conference looks set to emphasize core communications and mobile technologies, as well as consumer and industrial applications to the Internet of Things (IoT).  We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing about a wide array of innovation and fresh thinking from some of the biggest names in hardware, software and communications service providers and from the many other exhibitors at the congress.

Allot’s MWCA “picks”: Learn the latest about IoT, LTE, 5G and Security

At Allot, we’ll be paying particularly close attention to the themes of IoT, LTE, 5G and network security that will be considered at a number of the conference sessions. We’re sure that these discussions will act as a good barometer for how the industry in the Americas feels about the opportunities and challenges presented by these subjects. And they’ll give a great snapshot of what the industry needs to succeed in harnessing these opportunities and avoiding the threats that accompany them.

It’ll be great to hear Alfredo Serret, IoT Services Director for Telefonica (one of our most prominent customers) participate in a panel discussion about IoT platforms and services on Wednesday. The subject, that of enabling IoT solutions while providing security for the technology and its users, is a big focus for us at Allot. Along similar lines, and running concurrently to this session, is another discussion on Cybersecurity and IoT that we recommend as a potential highlight. This is perhaps closest to our hearts at Allot: how to provide and implement the most responsive and scalable solutions to protect networks, users and devices from the proliferating threats presented by mobile devices and IoT.

I’m sure the session on how municipalities are leveraging wireless and IoT technology to improve their services and infrastructure, will be fascinating. On Thursday we’ll hear from a panel discussing how networks can handle the increased demand for their bandwidth arising from IoT, in order to ensure quality of service and remain competitive. And a final recommendation, for the sports fans among us, is the session about connected stadiums, and how mobile technology and connectivity can enhance the live event experience and help to engage subscribers further.

Allot at MWCA: Security, Enhanced Experience and Monetization Opportunities

There’s a great deal happening at MWCA, and Allot is no exception. At our booth, we’re addressing the themes I’ve mentioned above, by focusing on protecting service providers’ networks, assuring security and quality of experience for subscribers and enhancing operators’ service offerings. In particular, we’re proud to showcase the McAfee Unified Security Powered by Allot. This is a joint solution which provides an integrated platform for communications service providers to transparently safeguard users at home, at work, and as they move between mobile and WiFi network access.

This joint venture has been created with the specific purpose of managing the security and privacy concerns which come from connected devices, successfully providing end-to-end protection for consumers and businesses alike.  As well as providing security for all devices, from smartphones and tablets to computers and IoT devices, McAfee Unified Security provides security which is service aware. It offers multi-channel status, as well as reports and notifications as soon as anything unusual is detected.

We’re also demonstrating our other latest network-based security solutions for CSPs, including

  • Allot Security as a Service that has achieved fantastic penetration rates, NPS and incremental revenue (ARPU) for customers such as Vodafone and Telefonica
  • Allot DDoS Protection solution that safeguards CSPs’ infrastructure, enabling them to offer DDoS security as a service to their users
  • Allot IoT Security: Our multi-layer network-based protection for the IoT eco-system.
  • Allot Network Intelligence, with real-time data sourcing, traffic management, QoE control and advanced customer engagement tools.


With the proliferation of connected devices and the increase in frequency and scale of IoT-based and DDoS attacks, these solutions provide measures that are becoming necessary to protect networks from inside as well as from external attacks.

We’re excited to participate in MWCA. It’s set to be a great show and a fantastic opportunity to share thoughts and ideas. We’d love to meet you at the congress and talk further, so drop by our booth S.256 (South Hall).

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