You Don’t Have to Carry your Data Around with You Anymore

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February 26, 2013
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February 28, 2013

You Don’t Have to Carry your Data Around with You Anymore

One of the most discussed topics here at this year’s Mobile World Congress is Cloud services. Operators are actively pursuing the cloud concept. I spoke with one mobile operator in particular who is already making the cloud a safe and friendly place for data consumers to store music, photos, documents and videos. And they’ve crafted new services that revolve around the cloud.

It starts with offering generous storage space for customers using smartphones, tablets and connected cameras. In addition to the store-all and share-all service (you can even share with your friends who are not on the same network or have cloud services), consumers get zero rating on data uploads and downloads. That’s included in the package. The operator developed an upload /download app for the smartphone, for the tablet and a user friendly website for the desktop – making the service perfect to use.   So how are they making any money at it?

While your access to your own stuff that you want to store and share is zero-rated, others who access your content are charged per the service contract. And I must say, in light of our findings in Allot MobileTrends Report, Feb 2013, it makes perfect sense. The Movers & Shakers of the Digital Lifestyle that we identified in our report, not only generate their own traffic, they stimulate additional activity and traffic on the network by sharing, socializing, commenting and interacting online. Being mobile and connected and precocious is their lifestyle. Operators who can zero in on that actually promote the digital lifestyle in a new way. Offering services like this will make them winners..

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