Why Can’t I Get More Analytics to Balance My Family’s Monthly Phone Bills?

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February 28, 2014
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April 7, 2014

Why Can’t I Get More Analytics to Balance My Family’s Monthly Phone Bills?

With two working parents and two teenagers in our family, our choice of mobile service provider and mobile plan is critical to a happy household. All of us are active mobile users. We communicate, socialize, entertain, navigate and learn this way. As the account owner, it seems like I am always talking to my service provider about phone upgrades, new calling plans and different data plans to strike a balance between happy family members and a minimized monthly bill.


Of course, we eventually upgraded one of our phones to a smartphone resulting in the addition of an obligatory data plan. For the first couple of months, data usage on this line was under the threshold but soon we started seeing monthly surcharges on our bills for data overage. My son was not sure if the increased usage was the result of watching more videos, audio streaming services, software updates, gaming, file sharing, social media or something else. To add to our trouble, the device being used was an iPhone offering very little insight into the applications that are consuming the most data.


I called my mobile service provider to gain some understanding of why data usage had exceeded the monthly allotment. Since we were not able to determine the excess usage on the user side, I was confident my operator would have the required network application awareness of his subscriber traffic. Same as with phone bills, which by now provide the Call Data Records (CDRs) for all monthly calls, I thought that if we knew which applications were consuming the most data, we could work to minimize the usage of these applications. Thus gain more control over our monthly overage charges.


To my surprise, my service provider did not have any deeper subscriber-based application information. All I could receive was the date/time of the data usage and the total amount of data consumed during each session! How was that supposed to help me manage my account better?


With a Big Data Analytics Solution like Allot ClearSee , the customer service agent could have quickly run detailed reports on the applications, websites, time periods and data consumed to answer all of my questions. I would have been able to achieve the service/cost balance I need for my family and would have been a happy customer. Would I have been willing to pay a small fee for such a detailed report? Well, we all want happy family members and a minimized monthly bill, don’t we?



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